In the field of groundwater SG offers the following services:

Process management: From problem definition and stakeholder analysis to its finalization and follow-up. I specialize in the supervision of long multi-sided processes in groundwater management, which are both applied and research-oriented.

Project management: From project preparation to implementation and post-implementation follow-up. I have an affinity for multi-angled and multi-party projects.

Comprehensive advise on quantitative and qualitative topics on varying scales. My skills in groundwater management are broad and my main qualifications are system analysis and artificial recharge. For problems outside my area of expertise, I work together with partners and colleagues and when necessary, I will bring you in contact with them.

‘Second opinion’: If you have received advice and would like an independent second opinion.

Project identification and formulation: I can help to formulate an idea into a structured project and guide you through the difficult process of requesting subsidies.


In the field of mediation Smidt Groundwater offers the following services:

Pure or facilitating mediation: In a dispute outside my expertise I can conduct discussions between parties to reach a desirable solution.

In depth mediation: Upon request I can offer you my knowledge and experience in water and environmental issues for the mediation process.

Change mediation: If you have reached a stagnant conflict situation, I can help you progress by taking other interrelated factors into account to reach a more dynamical process.

Coaching is a personalized form of mediation: a pursuit of the relation between surface interests and deeper interests.

Interim management: For groups seeking challenges in change processes, I can provide a combination of mediation and coaching.